The Christmas Box Houses


The Christmas Box Houses, also known as “emergency children’s shelters,” were built in three Utah cities: Salt Lake City, Ogden, and Moab. The Christmas Box Houses offer shelter, food, on-site therapy, medical and dental evaluations, classrooms, and recreational activities.

Each of the three houses serves the communities, based on their unique needs and the carefully cultivated partnerships in each region.

The Salt Lake Christmas Box House serves children in Salt Lake County through a partnership with Salt Lake County Youth Services (DYS). Our emergency children’s shelter operates through a partnership with the Division of Child and Family Services (DCFS) in Ogden. The Moab Christmas Box House also serves the local community as a Family Support Center.

Salt Lake City Christmas Box House

Salt Lake
Christmas Box House

Ogden Christmas Box House

Christmas Box House

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Christmas Box Resource Rooms

Our Christmas Box Resource Rooms are stocked with donated NEW supplies including clothing, bedding, baby items, school and hygiene kits, books, household items and toys.

By partnering with other nonprofits, The Christmas Box International ensures that these resources serve children and teens staying at The Christmas Box Houses and Division of Youth Services Group Homes, youth currently in foster care and aging out of foster care, children receiving in-home services and children being raised by relatives. The Christmas Box Resource Rooms depend heavily on the support of volunteers and members of the local community.

Check out our resource room locations in Utah by clicking here.

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Wish Lists

If you would like to help the children coming to our emergency shelters, or are otherwise in need, please see our Wish Lists. By purchasing and donating items from our Wish Lists, you can and will reach children, teens and young adults across the state, children whom you would never otherwise have any opportunity to help.

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International Projects

The Christmas Box International provides resources to children in countries such as Kenya, Colombia, India, Ecuador, and Peru. We serve children internationally, by distributing in-kind donations such as hygiene items, clothing, toys and school supplies to volunteer organizations working in those regions.