Get Involved

 We can serve more and more children in need if we work together. Here are several ways you can get involved and help us serve at-risk children.

Project Elf

Participate in Project Elf

Each Christmas Season we help approximately 1700 youth at risk staying either in The Christmas Box Houses, or living at home, to have a Merry Christmas Morning by collecting in-kind and monetary donations… Hint hint: they especially enjoy gift cards.

Beautiful little girl holds 'Thank You' sign

Become a Friend of The Christmas Box House

Help protect children all year long by becoming a recurring donor so the children can count on you each and every month to help them have a childhood year round.

Picture of a boy holding a toy airplane

Make a One-time Donation

Whatever amount you choose to contribute, it can, and will, make a difference in the life of a child in need.

Picture of a kid holding a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle

Help fill the children’s Wish Lists

Children often come into a house with little more than the clothes on their backs.  Each of our shelter homes and resource rooms across the state have specific wish lists from the children for clothing, toys, books, school supplies, etc., often needed right away, which you can buy and drop off by appointment.

Man working on cement

Volunteer your Time

There are opportunities for individuals, families, and groups to donate their time, talents, and efforts on specific projects.  These opportunities change, and needs may suddenly arise, so please check back often and see what options may be available.

Kids helping kids program at the Christmas Box House

Kids Helping Kids

Throughout Utah, there are children who are living without the protection of responsible, drug and violence-free parents and adults.

You can help make a difference in their lives by participating in the Kids Helping Kids program, where you and your friends can raise funds or conduct donation drives.