Kids Helping Kids

You Can Help Make a Difference.

Imagine never blowing out the candles on a birthday cake, never seeing a live elephant at the zoo, or never being able to count on three square meals a day.

Across the state, there are thousands of innocent children who are without the protection of responsible, drug- and violence-free parents and adults in their lives. Due to their circumstance, these children have not been able to experience the simple joys of childhood.

You can help make a difference in their lives by participating in Kids Helping Kids through your school or as an individual youth group.

  • Foster Teamwork Among The Student Body
  • Lead Real Change To Impact The Lives Of Children
  • Develop Your Leadership Skills
  • Customize Your Own Fundraising Program

Putting the "Fun" in Fundraisers

The possibilities are endless…and that’s the best part! The Kids Helping Kids program challenges YOU to get creative in putting together the best fundraising strategy possible. We know the power of students who care; here’s an example:

A local high school dedicated the month of December to hosting events and volunteering to collect donations on behalf of the children we serve. They rallied entire legions of students, teachers, business owners and community leaders to support their cause, and it worked! They raised a record amount for their school and thousands of dollars to help children in their community who are victims of abuse, neglect or abandonment.

What we have learned is that there is no one way to help raise money for a worthwhile cause. Rather, there are many ways to do small acts that can add up quickly. Challenge your classmates, teachers and communities to get involved too.

When you sign up for KHK, you’ll receive support from CBI in the form of:

  • A list of fundraising ideas and handout materials
  • An opportunity to have a CBI representative speak to your school or group
  • Recognition in CBI’s newsletter, annual report and social media platforms
  • See the list of creative ideas on this page to get you started!

This tried and true classic takes a small amount of advertising and a sweet tooth. Students pay to send messages to friends.

Pay to Cosplay

Whether inspired by a classic Star Wars Sith, a Marvel character, or an obscure Doctor Who reference, students can buy a “get-out-of-normal-clothes” card with the added bonus of a mini-ComicCon in the halls.

Food For Thought

Partner with businesses in your community to host fun events off campus. Many restaurants will work with student groups to donate a portion of sales to your fundraiser — if only asked to do so. All that’s left to do is get the word out. All it takes is approaching the manager of a popular nearby spot and asking.

Battle Of The Bands

Charge admission and sell refreshments for a concert or battle of the bands featuring your school’s students.

Ceiling Tiles
  • Computer Lab at Salt Lake House
  • Misc. Needs Throughout (both houses)
  • Summer/ Winter Room at Salt Lake House

Consider volunteering. Get a group together and canvas neighborhoods offering to complete small odd jobs for donations.

Clubs Compete

Ask for support from the clubs and sports teams at your school to see if they would be willing to host an event alongside your efforts. This could be anything from a school assembly with performances, a special concert or even a lunchtime activity calling for small donations such as date auctions, or a trivia game.

Chuck Your Change

Hold a competition between grades and see who can collect the most change over the course of a week, a month or even a single assembly. A front and center display of how well each class is doing, can help spur on your classmates.

A Better Bake Sale

Who doesn’t love some deliciously prepared baked goods? Frosting or sprinkles or both, there’s nothing like a bake sale to attract donations. To take it to the next level try different items for a week during lunch break, popular food stuffs such as hot chocolate, popcorn balls or churros.

To have someone reach out to you and discuss opportunities, please fill out our contact form at the link below.