Eagle Scout Projects

Trustworthy • Loyal • Helpful • Friendly
Courteous • Kind • Obedient • Cheerful
Thrifty • Brave • Clean • Reverent

“At any given time, there are roughly 2,800 children in foster care throughout Utah. In probably every neighborhood, every school, there will be a child who has experienced abuse, neglect or abandonment.”
— Lisa McDonald, Executive Director

Project Ideas

We invite you to serve those in need in your community by choosing to complete your Eagle Scout Project with our organization. Every project is tailored specially to the scout and can include:

  • Hosting a donation drive for new clothing and needed items

  • Hygiene kits for babies, children and teens

  • Working with businesses and individuals to acquire gift cards

  • Large scale projects on-site to improve our emergency shelters

  • ...and more!


Sherilyn Sowell
Moab Christmas Box House
Program Director


Shelby Lopez
Salt Lake Christmas Box House and Utah Valley
801-747-2201 ext. 107

Kim Nay
Ogden Christmas Box House
Community Outreach Representative
801-747-2201 ext. 201