Our Team

Meet The Christmas box International Team!

Celeste Edmunds

As Executive Director, Celeste understands what the children served at The Christmas Box Houses are going through. She went through it herself. Her biological parents were drug addicts, and her childhood was an ongoing cycle of police calls, fighting, and abuse on all levels. At the age of 8, Celeste was taken from her home and placed into a child welfare system where moving every few months to a new environment became normal. By the time she was sixteen, she had lived in more than 30 cities.

Celeste manages the organization’s day-to-day operations, strategy, and revenue growth. Celeste appreciates her team, respecting the diversity of opinions and ideas brought to fruition each day. If Celeste weren’t working for The Christmas Box International, she would be a personal coach, believing talent should be nurtured to achieve contribution and innovation at the highest levels.

Celeste enjoys exploring new cities and all things outdoors with family and friends, especially hiking and kayaking!

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Heather McVey

Heather is the Finance and Development Manager. In this position, Heather coordinates all things financial, manages the donor recognition program, and helps lead the planning and coordination of donor engagement and fundraising events. She is a fierce advocate for many nonprofit organizations and truly believes in protecting our community’s most vulnerable.

In addition to 20 years of accounting practice, Heather has years of experience in community event planning and coordination. She is thrilled to utilize her organizational and planning talents to support and engage with The Christmas Box International donors and volunteers.

Known to friends and family as a party planner extraordinaire, Heather enjoys exploring the world, learning about new cultures, and spending time with her family (fur family included).

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Kristin Jensen

Kristin is the Program Specialist and is responsible for managing all in-kind donations to ensure that the Christmas Box House emergency shelters and community resource rooms are stocked with the needed resources the kiddos need throughout the year. Kristin is also responsible for the onsite volunteer management at the Ogden and Salt Lake Christmas Box Houses and ensuring that Project Elf is coordinated and runs smoothly each holiday season.

Her favorite part about working for The Christmas Box International is running Project Elf to make holiday wishes come true for thousands of children in Utah each year.

In her free time, Kristin enjoys traveling the world and spending time with her dogs and horses.

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Barry Evans

Barry is the Facilities Manager ensuring that as good landlords, the Ogden Christmas Box House is in excellent physical condition for the staff and children working and staying there. Barry is also responsible for managing all Christmas Box International construction projects at the Salt Lake Christmas Box House.

Barry worked with his father, who had a general contractor’s license, beginning at a very young age, and has worked on construction sites since he was eight years old. As a former superintendent, Barry is also responsible for and leads construction contractors and ensures that contractual obligations are timely managed.

Barry is self-taught and a master at most construction trades. He enjoys working and creating with all stages of wood. Barry enjoys spending time alone in nature and seeing what he can build with raw natural material. Barry has a deep heart when it comes to children, especially his own, who he prides as “excellent.”

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Julia Jensen

Julia is the Office Assistant coordinating all-things office-related and stepping in to help wherever needed. Julia ensures that in-kind donors are entered into the database promptly and that donors are thanked and recognized almost as quickly as they drop off their donations!

Julia started at The Christmas Box International as a holiday helper and loved seeing amazing people bring in donations. She enjoys knowing all donations will put smiles on the faces of children and young adults.

Julia is an animal lover with a herd of dogs, cats, and horses at her home. She especially loves newborn foals and bringing them into the world. Julia is remarkably talented and crafty and, in her spare time, enjoys tinkering with stained and fused glass.

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