Giving Guide

At The Christmas Box International, we believe every child deserves a childhood. Through donations and volunteer time, you share that message with more than 10,000 children, teens, and young adults served by our charity each year.

Every donation matters to the at-risk youth we serve. Whether you give $10 to purchase school supplies, provide holiday gifts for a family, or spend an evening making crafts with the kids at the shelter, your involvement makes a difference in our community.
Please take a moment to consider the many ways you can either make a last-minute donation for the children this year or plan your involvement in the upcoming year!


How to Make A donation

Every Dollar Donated Equals $4
As a nonprofit organization, we’re able to leverage every dollar spent on staff costs into $4 of resources and services. We have a dedicated, passionate staff and hundreds of volunteers supporting our programs and stretching our dollars to further our impact.

Give the Gift of Flexibility
A monetary donation gives us the ability to treat children on a case-by-case basis. From a child that needs an activity for a therapy session to a teenage that needs a suit for their high school graduation, your donation will make a difference for that child. Plus, a recurring monthly donation can provide much needed resources to each child we serve on an ongoing basis.

Plan a Fundraiser
We love when families, businesses, students, and community groups come up with their own ideas to fundraise for the children we serve! You may want to organize “Casual Fridays” at work, send candy grams on Valentine’s Day at school, or donate a portion of your business proceeds for a day. If you’re interested in fundraising, please contact Lisa McDonald at

How to Make an In-Kind Donation

What's an In-Kind Donation?
An in-kind donation is a physical item that will go to children, teens, or young adults served by our programs. Every item a child receives from us is brand new. Items include clothes, books, hygiene items, toys, gift cards, and everything in between.

How are In-Kind Donations Used?
In many cases, the children we serve are coming into care with the clothes on their back. They may have a trash bag stuffed with a few odds and ends. To help these children feel more comfortable, we provide a brand new stuffed animal and blanket the moment they walk through the shelter doors. They’ll also receive three new outfits, reading books, and school supplies (if needed). In the Salt Lake, Ogden, Utah Valley, and Moab areas, we also provide in-kind items to families via their caseworkers at our Christmas Box Resource Rooms which serve 4,000 children each year.

Host a Donation Drive
Just like hosting a fundraiser, we love when groups organize donation drives in their own unique ways! Wish lists for every area in Utah are updated regularly for easy access. If you’re interested in a donation drive, please contact Shelby Lopez at for the Salt Lake and Utah Valley regions or Kim Nay at for the Ogden area. 

How to Become a Volunteer

New Year, New Volunteers
We cannot say THANK YOU enough to all of the wonderful volunteers who support us during the holiday season and throughout the year. Make becoming a volunteer for The Christmas Box International your New Year’s resolution, and get in touch with us starting in January. We’ll be ready to help you find the perfect opportunity to give back to your community!

Join the Volunteer Crew
Last year, 800 volunteers gave 8,226 hours of service to help children, teens, and young adults who have experienced abuse, neglect, and homelessness. This generous support from our community allows our doors to be open 365 days a year, and the children receive the best available care.

Share our charity with friends and family!