Pick a Project

In an effort to honor the children we serve, we select volunteers who want to provide hope, love, respect and dignity. Help us to fulfill our motto, every child deserves a childhood. To get ideas or to see what volunteers are doing at the Moab Christmas Box House, see our Pick a Project list below. To learn more about how you or your group can get involved, please fill out the form below.


Host a Fundraiser or a Donation Drive for new items

Organize a fundraiser or drive for approved items. Collect donations of NEW items off-site and deliver to The Christmas Box House. Specific items needed will be determined as shelter needs are constantly changing. To learn more, click here.

Eagle Scout Projects

Donation drives for NEW items are our greatest need. Specific items needed will be determined. They are constantly changing. Additional special projects are occasionally needed as well. To learn more, click here.


Moab Volunteer Form

Some of our best projects come from volunteers with a passion to share their talents, hobbies and skills with our charity. Are you an avid gardener? A hot air balloon pilot? A Renaissance Fair jouster? We want to learn more about you!

To learn more about how you or your group can get involved or to get more ideas, please fill out the form.

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