Blitzen's Bucks

There’s a reason FUNdraisers begin with the word FUN!

At The Christmas Box International, we believe anyone can help raise money, whether you are gathering neighbors for a night of appetizers and hot cocoa or are celebrating in business casual style in your office. Make giving an event this year and join our Blitzen’s Bucks Campaign!

Host a neighborhood or office holiday party for friends (with a suggested donation per plate). Ask co-workers to participate in a “Dress Down Day” where they pay to wear jeans and t-shirts. Sponsor a Christmas Bake Sale, Game Night or Bagel Brunch. Give your customers an opportunity to donate through “Change Round-Ups” or adding $1 to their purchase. The ideas are endless, and imagination is strongly encouraged. Every child deserves a childhood.

Anyone can host a fundraiser, and we are here to help you along the way. For more FUN fundraising ideas, click here or to talk with our staff to get ideas about how your office, neighborhood or church can get involved, contact Alexis Brown Brotherton - or call 801-747-2201 ext 104.

Host a Fundraiser

  • Learn more and schedule a tour of a Christmas Box House or an on-site presentation where we bring the facts to you.
  • Plan a corporate “Day of Giving” and let staff use a work day as an opportunity to volunteer at The Christmas Box House or Christmas Box Resource Room.
  • Share your dedication to helping children with customers and clients. Dedicate a day where a portion of your sales goes to support these children.
  • Challenge your friends, family or coworkers to meet a goal with a fundraiser, donation drive or event. This could be anything from a 5K Run with your neighborhood to a formal ticketed dinner complete with lobster. We challenge you to find a fundraiser that best fits your interests. 
  • Sponsor an event. Share your name, your brand and your goodwill with the community.

To learn more, please contact the following:

Salt Lake, Utah Valley & Moab Areas:  Alexis Brown Brotherton - or 801-747-2201 ext 104

Ogden Area:  Kim Nay - or 801-866-0350


Host a Donation Drive

Work with your community to organize a donation drive for pre-approved items needed in our Christmas Box Resource Rooms. We need volunteers to collect NEW items year-round and deliver those specific items to a nearby drop-off point such as a Christmas Box House or Christmas Box Resource Room. Our most needed items are constantly changing, and we encourage you to work with a Community Outreach Representative in your area or to look at our Wish Lists.

To learn more, contact the representative in your area:

Kim Nay
Ogden Area

Shelby Lopez
Salt Lake and Utah Valley
801-747-2201 ext 105 

Sherilyn Sowell
Moab Christmas Box House