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It is natural to give during the Christmas season.  And we are so grateful for the many who do so.  But as you can imagine, the needs of the children continue year round.

The turnover of children in the system is often fairly quick, and therefore the children in the system at christmas time are not the same children who may be there just a few weeks later.  The new children coming into the system at other times of the year need the same loving attention.  Please help us to take care of them throughout the entire year by becoming a monthly donor.

As you go to the Donation Page, you will be given the opportunity to make your donation a “recurring donation.”  Please click on this button and it will walk you through the process, allowing you to select the specific amount of the recurring donation and how often you would like to repeat your donation.  We would suggest monthly, or you may wish to time your donation with each paycheck you receive.  The choice is yours.

Whatever your means may be, large or small, it will be greatly appreciated and put to good use year round.

Please click here to become a Friend of The Christmas Box House by making a monthly donation.

Thank you for your assistance in providing every child a childhood year round.