Eagle Scout/ Service Award


Donation drives for NEW items are the greatest need you can help us with YEAR-ROUND! Specific items will be determined as they are constantly changing. Additional special projects are occasionally needed as well. 

NOTE: MUST SCHEDULE with us before project is chosen. 


Thank you for your interest in completing your project with us to support the children, teens and young adults we serve!

Step 1: WHEN do you plan to COMPLETE your project? (Project approvals and paperwork take time. Plan ahead!)

Step 2: CHOOSE from the following list of available projects. 

Step 3: CONTACT us to get started!

Kristin Jensen
Salt Lake, Ogden, and Utah County
801-747-2201 ext. 107

Successful ideas for coordinating your donation drive:

Making a Flyer: We have created a flyer template that can be sent to you. It includes our logo, the Eagle Scout logo, info about who we are, who we serve, and a short list of bullet points. (We have found that drives are most successful when you collect a list of between 5-8 different items.)

1) Storefront Drive -- You'll coordinate with a local store manager (Walmart, Target, etc.) to explain your project and plan a designated day/time for you to stand outside the store and pass out flyers to the customers. Shoppers take a flyer, purchase something in the store and drop it off to you as they leave!

2) Neighborhood Drive -- Involve your family, neighbors, school, church group, clubs, friends, etc to participate in donating needed items for your drive. It can include distributing flyers.

3) Both -- Some scouts have chosen to do both a Storefront AND Neighborhood Drive, which can be quite effective in doubling what you collect! 

Note: Scout leadership can differ in every area. Projects approved in one area might not be approved in others.


Donation Drives - All items must be new


  • Gift Cards!!! General, food, activity passes

  • Urgent Needs - 5-8 items (see wish list)

  • Socks & Underwear, all sizes

  • Small Lego Sets

  • Book Nook (NEW books, specific titles and adult coloring books)

  • Diapers, Pull-Ups, GoodNites, all sizes

  • Hygiene Kits (Baby, Child, Teen - We provide list of specific items to include)


  • Summer Pajamas, all sizes

  • Shorts/T-Shirts, all sizes

  • Swim Suits/Flip Flops, all sizes

  • Water-Play/Sprinkler Toys (no guns)

  • FUN Passes, Gift Cards & Activities

  • Backpacks & School Supplies (We provide list of contents.)

  • Back to School Clothing, all sizes


  • Back to School Clothing, all sizes

  • Halloween Costumes: all sizes

  • Project Elf Set Up & Christmas Lights on light poles. (Late November)

  • Christmas Gifts for Children, Teens & Young Adults

Key:    All sizes = 2T- Adult XXL

** Scouts, please sort and add up total estimated value of items prior to DROP OFF. 


Occasionally, there will be a need for additional projects. Please inquire regarding these opportunities.

Thank you again and we look forward to working with you!




“At any given time, there are roughly 2,800 children in foster care throughout Utah. In probably every neighborhood, every school, there will be a child who has experienced abuse, neglect or abandonment.”

— Lisa McDonald, Executive Director