Eagle Scout/ Service Award


Donation drives for NEW items are the greatest need you can help us with YEAR-ROUND! Specific items will be determined as they are constantly changing. Additional special projects are occasionally needed as well. 

NOTE: MUST SCHEDULE with CAITIE before project is chosen. All listed projects are first come first reserved!!! If by chance you contact us and all the project are filled, we will connect you with some of our local partners serving the same population of children.


Step 1: WHEN you are wanting to COMPLETE your project? Try to solidify your date as much as you can. (NOTE: project approvals and paperwork take time. We recommend to start planning 4-8 weeks before your project end date.) 

Step 2: CHOOSE from this list ----> of available projects. AIM FOR THE MONTH you plan to complete it. (IE: if you are wanting to complete your project in May, choose a MAY project, then plan to START your project by March 1st). Paperwork can take awhile.

Step 3: Please read Caitie's note below* , and decide HOW you might want to go about your project.

Step 4: CONTACT Caitie to get started!

Caitie Monte
SLC Christmas Box House & Utah Valley Community Outreach Representative
801-747-2201 ext. 107

* A note from Caitie: 

Thank you for your interest in completing your project with us to support the children & teens we serve!! 

I'm in the office a limited number of hours a week, so I appreciate your patience in waiting for a reply.

** Please leave voicemail or send an email that includes your: phone number, age, city, best time to reach you, project you are interested in, when you are planning to complete your project and how you heard about us.

** I will be in touch shortly to coordinate a time you can meet me at The Christmas Box House for me to sign your packet approval paperwork and solidify additional details!

Successful ways of coordinating your donation drives:

1) Storefront Drive -- You'll coordinate with a local store manager (Walmart, Target, etc.) explain your project and to plan a designated day/time for you to stand outside the store and pass out flyers to the customers. This is great because they take the flyer, purchase something in the store and drop it to you on the way out.

2) Neighborhood Drive -- You'll involve your personal network (family, neighbors, church groups, clubs, friends, etc)  to participate in donating needed items for your drive. It can include passing out flyers to the list above. Flyers will indicate a specific day and time and place they can drop off the items. (ie - Saturday, you pass out flyers. Then the next Saturday you collect or they drop off the items to you).

3) Both -- Some Eagles have chosen to do both a Storefront AND Neighborhood Drive, which can be quite effective in doubling what you collect. How it works: You coordinate with a manager on Wednesday 10th. He sets a time for you NEXT Wednesday to pass out flyers. Saturday 13th you pass out flyers to your neighborhood. Wednesday 17th you pass out flyers infant of a store and collect donations. Saturday 20th you collect items from your neighborhood. Done! Because you've collected in two places, 

Other notes:

Leadership in every area differs, so what is acceptable in one area might not be in others.

Paperwork will take awhile, so we recommend starting early!

There are some Eagles who have done a "GO FUND ME" account and that has worked out well.

Making a flyer: There are flyers that we've created I'll send to you. It includes our logo, the Eagle Scout logo, info about who we are and most importantly who we serve, and a short list of bullet points (we find drives are more successful when you collect a list of between 5-8 items.)

Thanks again and I look forward to working with you!




“At any given time, there are roughly 2,800 children in foster care throughout Utah. In probably every neighborhood, every school, there will be a child who has experienced abuse, neglect or abandonment.”

— Lisa McDonald, Executive Director

AVAILABLE PROJECTS!               *key at list end

    • DRIVE & SORT: Gift Cards!!!!!! General, food, activity passes
    • DRIVE & SORT: Urgent needs drive. 5-8 items (see wishlist)
    • DRIVE & SORT: Athletic Shorts B&G all sizes 2T-Adult XL
    • DRIVE & SORT: Urgent needs 5-8 items & gift cards.
    • DRIVE & ASSEMBLE: Hygiene kits: Baby
    • DRIVE & ASSEMBLE: Hygiene kits: B&G child
    • DRIVE & ASSEMBLE: Hygiene kits: B&G Teen
    • SERVICE @ CBH: Last wk of mo. -- lights & bin take down. 
  • MARCH:
    • DRIVE & SORT: Winter PJs & clothing on SALE! 
    • DRIVE & SORT: Spring & Summer PJs! G&B size 2T-14/16
    • DRIVE & SORT: Shorts, athletic shorts & T-shirts! 
    • DRIVE & ASSEMBLE: Plastic Easter Eggs w/ candy. 100s.
    • SERVICE & ASSEMBLE: Install 4 wall shelving unit in storage garage.
    • DRIVE: Spring/Summer FUN- passes, gift cards & activities.
    • DRIVE: Water play (no guns), sprinkler toys & swimsuits:
    • DRIVE: Book Nook needs.
  • MAY
    • DRIVE: Adult Size Snow pants! on SALE!!
    • DRIVE & ASSEMBLE: Child - Filled Backpacks
    • DRIVE & ASSEMBLE: Teen - Filled Backpacks
    • SERVICE, DRIVE & ASSEMBLE: Child/Teen Backpacks
  • JUNE
    • DRIVE: Teen fiction (Michael Vey, John green, teen activity/coloring books)
    • DRIVE & SORT: Baby Items -- diapers needed!
  • JULY
    • DRIVE & SORT: Pants!!! B&G all sizes for back to school!
    • DRIVE & SORT: Child socks and underwear!! B&G
    • DRIVE & SORT: Teen socks and underwear!! B&G
    • DRIVE & SORT: Summer pjs & clothing SALE!! B&G child
    • DRIVE: Water play, sprinkler toys & swimsuits on SALE!!
    • DRIVE & SORT: Pants!!! B&G all sizes for back to school!
    • DRIVE & SORT: Summer pjs & clothing SALE!! B&G child
    • DRIVE: Halloween Costumes: mostly boy. size 2- 14
    • DRIVE: Pants for fall season!! - sizes most needed
    • DRIVE & SORT: PULL- UPs, GOOD NITES, & Diaper Drive!
    • DRIVE & SORT: 1st & 2nd week -- Halloween Costumes
    • DRIVE: Book Nook -- Teen fiction 
    • DRIVE & SORT: Diaper Drive!
    • DRIVE & SORT: Halloween Costumes on Sale!
    • DRIVE & SERVICE: Project Elf set up & Christmas Lights on the light poles, bin cleaning: Last few days of November. 
    • DRIVE & SORT: Christmas Gifts for Teens & Young Adults.
    • DRIVE & SORT: Christmas Gifts for Teens & Young Adults: 
    • DRIVE & SORT: Christmas Gifts for Children.
    • DRIVE & SORT: Board games - collect board games and card games for the children and teens!
    • DRIVE & SORT: Baby items-- contents here


URGENT NEEDS: pick 5-8 items from wish list

DRIVE & SORT= a donation drive and SORT the donations into sizes, categories, or gender before drop-off.

DRIVE & ASSEMBLE= a donation drive for items and ASSEMBLE the donations into very specific kits before drop off.

B&G= Boy & Girl

All sizes = 2T- Adult XXL

CBH = Christmas Box House,

** Eagles will be asked to please sort (and assemble in some cases) add up total estimated cost of in-kind items prior to DROP OFF. By doing so, you are saving DAYS worth of time and money for our organization and is MUCH appreciated!!!!