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There’s a reason FUNdraisers begin with the word FUN!

July is a favorite month at The Christmas Box Houses, a time of year filled with the leisurely summertime activities that kids love most. Whether it’s catching a baseball game, watching the fireworks, riding their favorite Lagoon ride or diving headfirst into swimming, you can bet our kids have plenty to keep them busy in the months ahead.

That’s why we are dubbing this month Christmas in July, and we need your help!

We are calling on you to help us keep programs serving at-risk youth running smoothly and stock our summer supplies of needed children’s items, making July the month of FUN fundraisers in your community. And the possibilities are tailored to YOU!

Anyone can host a fundraiser, and we are here to help you along the way. Check out our ideas below, or come up with an idea all your own.

If you are interested in making an in-kind donation of items such as summer pajamas, therapy toys and bug spray, see our full Christmas in July wish list on our website. If you would like to host a fundraiser in July, please contact us at 801-747-2201 or email Development Director Gina Barker at

See What items we need most at our shelters:

Fundraiser Ideas:

At Work...

  • Rally co-workers, build teams & support kids!
  • Round Up: ask customers to round up a receipt total to nearest $
  • 2%, 10%, or 25% of a daily profit
  • Jeans Friday: donate to wear jeans
  • Corporate Match: employee donations
  • Gift Card Trees: offer giving opportunities in a break room or storefront
  • Auction: new or used items

At Play...

  • Gather family, friends, neighbors & give!
  • Yard Sale! Car Wash! Bake Sale!
  • Rent-A-Worker: “hire” out odd jobs
  • Party Pledge: donations vs. gifts
  • Neighborhood BBQ: fill a donation jar
  • Gift Card Drive: fast food, Visa, Walmart
  • Scavenger Hunt: for new wishlist items


This tried and true classic is a festive approach to celebrating, whether in the office or in the home. Your guests pay for their plate or pass around a collection jar for charity. We can provide you with handouts and information to make sure everyone in attendance knows what their donation means. Call at 801-747-2201 for more information.


Change up the way your customers see change. Set up your business POS system to automatically ask customers to round up their total price of purchase to the nearest dollar of their choice. Watch the pennies add up!


We mean that in the best way possible. Did you know that in Seattle, thousands of people gathered to participate in the world’s largest snowball fight while raising tens of thousands of dollars for charity. They even broke a world record for the largest snowball fight.


Partner with businesses in your community to host fun events for an evening. Many restaurants will work with community groups to donate a portion of sales to your fundraiser. All that’s left to do is get the word out. All it takes is approaching the manager of a popular nearby spot and asking. And just to get you started, here are a couple of popular chains: California Pizza Kitchen, Texas Road House, Buffalo Wild Wings, Chick-fil-A.


Who doesn't love some deliciously prepared baked goods? Frosting or sprinkles or both, there’s nothing like a bake sale to attract donations. To take it to the next level try different items for a week during lunch break, popular food stuffs such as hot chocolate, popcorn balls or churros.

Spaghetti Lunch

Who doesn't love an awesome plate of pasta? Make an easy meal for coworkers and ask for a small donation in exchange for a wholesome, homemade meal during the workday.


Events are a great way to give something back while still fundraising...and there are plenty of different ways to use your high school auditorium to do so. Book a local band or put on a movie screening where you can sell tickets.


Hold a competition between grades and see who can collect the most change over the course of a week, a month or even a single assembly. A front and center display of how well each class is doing, can help spur on your classmates.


Consider volunteering. Get a group together and canvas neighborhoods offering to complete small odd jobs for donations.