Bulletin Board


Create artwork OFF-SITE for The Christmas Box House (CBH) bulletin boards with seasonal themes or themes that promote healthy living, positive life skills and education. Drop off completed project at Salt Lake CBH to staff.

*** Must sign up!!! See info below ***

-- Bulletin Board Decorations --  6 separate boards  

*3 boards ----- 46" width x 33.5" height                                                                                                                                        *1 board ------ 33.5" width x 22" height                                                                                                                                        *2 boards ------ 36" width x 24" height        


April-August - Available



  • Any age - Bulletin board coverings are created offsite and delivered to The Christmas Box House

  • Any group size can be involved in making these. Please have no more than 5 people at drop-off. Donations will be delivered to a staff member, not to children directly.

  • Drop off M-F 9am-5pm & 7pm-9pm. 3660 S West Temple, SLC 84115, door at south circular drive

--- WHAT DO WE DO? --- 

  • Decoration planning and prep work are done off-site ahead of time


    • Use giant sheet of colored or plain bulletin paper (available at craft store, Amazon or school supply)

    • GLUE down all decorations to secure well

    • Please DO NOT decorate with:

      • toy guns or swords

      • sharp things: pens, pencils, rulers

      • food items or candy

      • loose tinsel, confetti or glitter

      • Pick a theme for the month:

        • Feel free to BE CREATIVE!

        • OVERALL GOAL: To encourage children's smiles when they see it! :) Themes that promote healthy living, positive thinking, happiness, cheer, overcoming opposition, courage, imagination, reading, etc. are great!!

--- HOW TO SIGN UP? --- 


This project can be done alongside a donation drive or fundraiser to support the programs serving The Christmas Box House kids.