Christmas Tree Decorating

Bring joy and cheer YEAR-ROUND to the children & staff of The Christmas Box House as they walk into our lobbies, by decorating a festive monthly/seasonally themed Christmas tree!

-- NORTH LOBBY, THREE TREES (10', 7', 4') --                    ** 3/4 sides visible. Pre-lit.

-- MAIN LOBBY, ONE TREE (12') --                                       ** ALL sides visible. Pre-lit. 



A Christmas tree adorned with lights and ornaments in a home brings warmth and a sense of celebration! Same thing here!! Our trees are up all year and are the very first thing everyone sees when they enter our shelter. They are seen MANY times a day by children, teens and staff. These trees help to provide a fun, festive, kid-friendly atmosphere and an assurance that the children are in a safe place now. They bring a smile, lift the spirit, and just one more way we strive to improve quality of life for the kids we serve. Makes each day a bit brighter!


  • All volunteers must be age 18+

  • Must be a group size of 1-8 TOTAL. 18+ must bring ID to be photocopied. ALL participants will sign One-Time Volunteer Form on arrival.

  • Must be able to decorate on Monday or Thursday, between 9am - 4pm.


  • Decoration planning and prep work are done off-site ahead of time

    • OVERALL GOAL: Themes that promote healthy living, positive thinking, happiness, cheer, overcoming opposition, courage, imagination, reading..etc. are great!!

    • Decorations can be store-purchased or homemade

    • Options include decorations, garland, tree topper, tree skirt, etc.

  • On the scheduled decoration day on CBH campus:

    • Each participant will have their ID copied and sign a confidentiality release form

    • Each group will fill out a donation form that includes the estimated value of decorations


      • Take down previous month’s decorations, place in a box or bag

      • Put up your decorations

      • Straighten up the stuffed animals on the shelves around tree

      • Window clings are allowed on lobby windows, if desired. (no tape on windows please!)

      • At the end of your project, please take a picture with your group by the tree and post it on Facebook! :)

  • Please DO NOT decorate with:

    • Loose tinsel, confetti or glitter

    • Food items or candy

    • Sharp things: pens, pencils, rulers

    • Toy weapons: toy guns or swords

  • Pick a theme that will cover the month/months you have selected

  • PS: We LOVE CREATIVITY!!! Feel free to use non-conventional decorations to be donated to The Christmas Box House afterwards! All items need to be NEW. (Example: Frisbees, balls, helmets, pads, books, toys of all kinds, book themes, socks, flip flops, stress balls, stuffed animals, etc.)

3. HOW TO SIGN UP? --- 

This project can be done alongside a donation drive, using collected donations as decorations for the tree that will be used in the Christmas Box House at the end of the month. (i.e., stuffed animals, toys, books, etc.)