Become a Champion of the Children

Become a Champion of Children

by becoming a monthly donor


It is natural to give during the Christmas season.  And we are so grateful for the many who do so.  But as you can imagine, the needs of the children at risk whom we serve continue year round.

The turnover of children in the system is often fairly quick, and therefore the children served at Christmas time are not the same children who may be there just a few weeks later.  The new children coming into the system at other times of the year need the same loving attention, and we do our best to provide it. For example, we help give each child who comes through one of the Christmas Box Houses an “un-birthday” party, including their own gifts, to help them feel special and safe.  We also help provide clothing and personal hygiene kits for children who often come in with only the clothes on their back because they had to be removed from their homes in an emergency situation.  And of course we help provide formula and diapers for the infants who unfortunately must visit for awhile.

Please help us to take care of all of these children throughout the entire year by becoming a monthly donor.

In order to help all of the children in need all year long, we are creating the Champions of Children group for those who commit to donate $25 or more per month.  (Of course all donations are greatly appreciated regardless of the amount.)

We would like you to join us by becoming a Champion of Children yourself, to keep that Christmas Spirit going throughout the entire year.

There is a basic Champion of Children membership for a year-long commitment of $25 per month; the President’s Club for a year-long commitment of $50 per month; and the President’s 100 Club for a year-long commitment of $100 per month.

To show our deep appreciation and gratitude for your generous commitment to the children year round, our Founder and President, Richard Paul Evans, has personally assembled a very special package of “Thank You” gifts for your membership!

Please click on the Medallion to see the “Thank You” gifts

from Richard Paul Evans for joining him in becoming a Champion of Children.

CBI Champion of Children


Please click here to sign up as a Champion of Children

 Thank you for your commitment in providing every child a childhood all year long.