Become a Mentor!

JourneyUP Mentor Program (JUMP) serves young people ages 14-24 who were formerly in foster care or are facing homelessness. Research shows that when a young person has a caring consistent adult in their life, they are more likely to make positive life decisions and be more successful. JUMP connects young people with positive adult role models to travel along with them in their journey of life.    

JOURNEYUP MENTOR PROgram (JUMP) VOLUNTEER Mentor -- SERVING youth and young adults AGES 14-24:

  • Requirements
    • Be at least 25-years-old
    • Attend mentor orientation training
    • Pass background check 
    • Give a one-year commitment
    • Willing to volunteer 6-8 hours a month 
    • Be reliable and consistent
    • Seeking to be a friend and positive influence in the life of an at-risk youth or young adult and help them overcome barriers to success!
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